Downton Avenue
Residential adaptation

Downton Avenue is the adaptation of a large Edwardian home in Streatham. The project is an example of how to transform a home whilst treading lightly on the earth. The project extends and renovates the ground floor with a stepped extension and extends the roof space with a dormer. The design references the Edwardian details of the local area with an arched projecting window and textured brickwork.

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It is built in timber frame and reclaimed Suffolk white brick which is sourced within 50 miles of the site. It also uses wood fibre insulation which has net positive embodied carbon. We have made other design choices that have resulted in a reduction in carbon use too, such as designing a ground floor in timber frame rather than the typical concrete and adding a green roof.   

As part of the works we are improving the energy performance of the original house, adding insulation beneath existing floors and upgrading the performance of the existing glazing.

Client: Private

Architect: New Makers Bureau

Structural engineer: Blue Engineering

Contractor: Formis PM

Type: Residential adaptation

Area: 150m2