Architects' Journal
We're featured in the AJ today

We've been talking about the biggest issues facing the profession to Richard Waite at the Architects' Journal. Here’s an excerpt:

We are in the midst of two crises: the environmental and ecological crises, and the coronavirus crisis. Both pose monumental challenges to the profession, but as a start-up we can tackle these challenges head-on and with fresh energy.

We need to be stronger together as a profession to meet these crises. Architects Declare is a great start, but it will only work if we all stick to the values we sign up to. LETI is also doing great work – there is a clear path to making low and zero-carbon buildings.

The pandemic has given us the opportunity to reflect, reassess and change. It has shone a light on many inequalities and has involved many personal tragedies and there are more economic shocks to come. But we’ve also glimpsed an alternative future where our streets are humanised, nature has taken over, there are fewer planes in the sky, our air quality is better, and we value and support our communities more.  There are so many lessons to learn from this, but the greatest lesson is that when we need to make radical change, we can.

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