Five things we will do in 2021

Oh, January, January, the month of renewal, looking ahead and making resolutions…. This year, a chance to be more ambitious? No more business as usual.    

So, here are our five New Makers Bureau 2021 resolutions. What are yours? 

  1. We will support the arts & cultural sectors with not-for-profit work 

We will ensure that we always have at least one project in the arts and cultural sector which is run not-for-profit. Toward the end of this year we will have completed our first not-for-profit project and will be seeking out our next. If you have a project in mind or are in the arts and have an interesting idea - get in touch.  

  1. When we go back to ‘normal’ our work culture will be very different  

Everyone is thinking about this. 2021 will be the year we collectively emerge from lockdown.  It will be wonderful to see colleagues, be social, sketch, creative together and be able to support each other in the SAME SPACE! But, what will be lost? Working from home is flexible, efficient, easy, comfortable and saves time and energy on transport. When New Makers Bureau goes to the office it will be different, it will be a hub for coming together, sharing ideas and for making, but it will not be the place where you must be to work. We will have core hours when we all come together (the Monday morning practice meeting, key project workshops and the Friday social) and the rest of the time will be flexible and free. It might not work but we will give it a try. What are you going to keep, and what will you discard when we all go back to the office?

  1. We will sing our environmental values from the rooftops

2021 will not just be the year the world awoke from the pandemic, it is also the year of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (hosted by the UK). One that many suggest is the last chance for us to get our planet’s warming within reasonable levels. There is reason for some optimism (goodbye Mr Trump) but we know there is much to do. We’ll be having a series of events and initiatives throughout the year and particularly in November to help to amplify the cause. We’d love to hear other ideas from you for us to engage with.     

  1. We will help to figure out the future of our high streets 

Our high streets are vital to us, they are the backbones of our places - but what will they become in 2021? Years of austerity, changes in shopping habits and a pandemic have created many questions about how they will survive. Together with others, we need to make high streets that serve the planet and community first. 

  1. We will share more! 

If nothing else, this lockdown has made us aware of how much we need our connections. For New Makers Bureau this is a community of clients, architects, consultants, friends, designers and creative folk with a shared interest in our values (that’s you). Being in lockdown has made us so very aware of how much we need this interaction. So, watch this space - and Happy New Year! 

What are your resolutions you would like to share?